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……….Dan demikian itulah keadaan hari-hari (dunia ini dengan peristiwa-peristiwa kemenangan atau kekalahan), kami gilirkan dia antara sesama manusia, (supaya menjadi pengajaran) dan supaya nyata apa yang diketahui Allah tentang orang-orang yang tetap beriman (dan yang sebaliknya), dan juga supaya Allah menjadikan sebahagian di antara kamu orang-orang yang mati Syahid. Dan (ingatlah), Allah tidak suka kepada orang-orang yang zalim.

- Surah Ali Imran ayat 140 -

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Khas untuk Latipah "Toya" Koya

Sivarasa is an elitist idiot after all! I live in Damansara Damai and yet to see his face in one of his constituencies here after the election! I vote for Pakatan Rakyat because I hope to see justice done; not just power-hungry opportunist!

I was arrested with him and Latifah Koya during the International Human Rights Day March which he organized with Latifah Koya ( I thought it was the Bar Council which organized it); and yet, so far, they've been so arrogant not to get back to me on what's happpening with the case and trial and so on; despite that I've called countless times to their mobile phones, office, the Bar Council and PKR HQ!

This is how they treat the ordinary rakyat who support them, these elitist hypocritical lawyers idiot! Stop calling yourselves "human rights lawyers" when you behave with such arrogance as if you're from a class above ordinary rakyat like me! Or just because you're lawyers! No wonder I can never trust lawyers! I've been an activist long enough; and I will criticize radically anyone who's committing injustice, regardless from the BN or PR!

So Sivarasa, I'm disappointed with you and your promises before the election! Such farce!

Sivarasa and Lateefa Koya advertized the event as if organized under the Bar council rather than it was to further their political interests in PKR! And they're not low level lawyers in PKR but Sivarasa is one of the Vice-President of PKR and Latifa is also top rank in PKR.

I'm an activist; yes I am, who's more interested in pursuing justice rather than political power! And I've been supporting PKR for quite some time now including for the abolishment of NEP and the release of the Hindraf leaders, including through the protest in front of the M'sian embassy in Ireland!

I, as the rakyat, are voting for social justice, not for individual "hero/heroin"! That's the change we want from PR; All politicians work for the rakyat, not the other way around! It's not about their status or power-game; but what's just for the rakyat! And one last word, I'm also fighting for the eventual abolishment of sexist/elitist/capitalist attitude and class!Got it!

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