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……….Dan demikian itulah keadaan hari-hari (dunia ini dengan peristiwa-peristiwa kemenangan atau kekalahan), kami gilirkan dia antara sesama manusia, (supaya menjadi pengajaran) dan supaya nyata apa yang diketahui Allah tentang orang-orang yang tetap beriman (dan yang sebaliknya), dan juga supaya Allah menjadikan sebahagian di antara kamu orang-orang yang mati Syahid. Dan (ingatlah), Allah tidak suka kepada orang-orang yang zalim.

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Press Release - Palestinian National Authority.

Palestinian National Authority

Ministry of Foreign Affair

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns strongly the Israeli forces’ brutal attacks against Gaza aid flotilla, and peace activists’ participants who have stood by our besieged people in the Gaza Strip.

The Ministry assures that this piracy comes in the context of the escalation of Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people and their cause, land, and holy places, acting as in the manner of a state above international law and international humanitarian law.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs valuates all participants on their solidarity mission who work with us to deliver food supplies, medical and humanitarian assistance to our besieged people in Gaza Strip, and emphasizes on the following:

First: The international community’ silence for all the crimes committed by the Israeli occupation against our people and the peace activists’ leads to Israel persistent aggression and oppressive practices and denial of the Palestinian people’ rights of freedom and independence.

Second: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs mourns free men in the world for the constellation of martyrs who died defending the land and freedom of Palestine, and wishes a speedy recovery to the wounded; and demands from all institutions and humanitarian organizations an urgent action to protect all participants in Gaza aid bound flotilla to ensure their safety.

Third: the Ministry of Foreign affairs urges the UN Security Council to convene an urgent meeting to condemn this takeover of Freedom flotilla and the mass murder to the Palestinian people’ supporters, holding Israel responsible for this criminal act, and applying all international resolutions to put a limit to their criminal practices.

Fourth: the Palestinian National Authority will follow up on the consequences of this Massacre with the Arab League, the OIC, the Human Rights Council, the international courts, other Arab, regional and international organizations. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges the international community to take quick actions to end the occupation, and to provide international security to our people, in addition to bring the murderers and the officials for a fair public trial.

Fifth: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs demands the international community and the International Quartet to immediately lift the siege on Gaza Strip and to ensure access for all forms and types of humanitarian supplies to our people in the Gaza Strip.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs


31- May- 2010

Ramallah: 02-2429554 Fax: 02- 2421850 P.O. Box Ramallah 1336 Jerusalem 54319

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