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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Israel Against The World.....

The actual Israeli government is challenging the whole world. In an act of arrogance and stubbornness the actual government of Israel was faithful to its violent ideology and its traditional extremist line. The world was shocked when Israeli commandos launched a brutal raid against a humanitarian Flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to a besieged and battered population in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli justifications and arguments for its new military adventure were not convincing at all. It looks as if Israel has lost its relationship to reason and reality. Israeli arguments were out of context and had no material base. Nobody has the right to question Israel’s morality because Israel’s army is the most moral army in the world. Nobody has the right to teach Israel moral lessons, particularly not the Turks for their overloaded history with the Armenians; and not the Europeans for their Nazi past. Even their closest allies in the US who despite their ailing economy still pay large amounts of donations to Israel have no right to intervene, or provide their good offices. According to Israel’s logic it has the right to do whatever is needed in favor of its so called security, a code name for territorial occupation and military expansionism.

In defense of its unfortunate military fiasco against a humanitarian flotilla Israeli arguments were so controversial and out of context. Israeli spokesmen claimed that the humanitarian aid will strengthen Hamas “terrorist” regime in the Gaza Strip; and that Hamas’ regime should be toppled because of the futile missiles although largely curbed by the Hamas; and that reconstruction material will be used to build bunkers for Hamas regime although Israel destroyed with impunity thousands of Palestinian homes during its “Cast lead” operation in January 2009; and because of Gilad Shalit although Israel incarcerates more than 11,000 Palestinian prisoners in its 26 jails.

What is even more ridiculous was when Israeli spokesmen claimed that the Flotilla passengers were armed and shot live ammunition at the raiding Israeli commandos. Yet all such claims proved to be nonsense. Eyewitnesses on board of the Turkish boat where the descent took place proved that the soldiers were not shot at even after disarming some of them and procuring some weapons with live ammunition.

But what is more shocking to every human being is to reward the 21 years old soldier who killed in cold blood six unarmed Turkish passengers with a Medal of ”Honor and Courage”. Such a decision reflects the moral level of the high political and military leadership in Israel.

It was obvious that the Israeli adventure provoked worldwide fury and condemnation on popular as well as on governmental levels. Only US Vice President Joe Biden who was humiliated by Israeli Minister of Interior few weeks ago singled himself out for the defense of Israel’s right to protect itself; in addition to a shy regret from US President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

As a reaction to the Israeli raid demonstrations took place in all Western capitals of Europe including some US main cities condemning the Israeli aggressive raid on the humanitarian fleet. Even the long time dormant leftist movement in Israel staged a mass demonstration in Tel Aviv calling for the end of occupation and lifting the blockade on Gaza. The Turks mourned their killed brothers and voices of revenge were heard from angry crowds.

Despite international condemnation Israel remained stubborn and vowed to carry on its illegal siege on the Gaza Strip. It rejected International call for the formation of an independent international investigation commission and asked the US for help. Blinded by arrogance Israeli navy intercepted five days later the Irish cargo ship Rachel Corrie carrying prefabricated houses, reconstruction material and medical stuff and diverted its course to the Israeli port of Ashdod. There were no clashes on board of the Irish ship and Israel announced that no reconstruction material will be allowed into Gaza.

Since WWII never a state behaved in such a rude way in crushing human lives. Imposing collective punishment on 1.5 million people with impunity and blocking a peace process for long decades and still enjoying the protection of the first world power requires serious reflections. Step by step Israel is isolating itself as a Pariah State worse than that of the Apartheid regime of South Africa, but what is more unfortunate is the US shield protecting Israel from international sanctions.

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