Sejauh manakah kesungguhan, keikhlasan, kebenaran dan kejujuran Parti Politik membawa arah tuju yang sebenar.....?

……….Dan demikian itulah keadaan hari-hari (dunia ini dengan peristiwa-peristiwa kemenangan atau kekalahan), kami gilirkan dia antara sesama manusia, (supaya menjadi pengajaran) dan supaya nyata apa yang diketahui Allah tentang orang-orang yang tetap beriman (dan yang sebaliknya), dan juga supaya Allah menjadikan sebahagian di antara kamu orang-orang yang mati Syahid. Dan (ingatlah), Allah tidak suka kepada orang-orang yang zalim.

- Surah Ali Imran ayat 140 -

Petikan Al-Quran.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Perak Di Hina.......

Aduh....... kerana terlalu kemaruk gilakan kuasa, panji-panji negeri turut terhina. Itu pun jangan ada hati nak ke Putrajaya. Bendera negeri sendiri pun tak tahu mana atas and mana bawahnya. Protokol susunan bendera pun tak betul.......

Rasanya kalau dapat Putrajaya or Negeri Perak, tentunya terbalik kuang macam tu juga la.......

Walaupun aku bukan anak Perak, aku rasa amat terhina apabila panji-panji negeri diperlekehkan.

Dah la dulu menghiha Raja sampai tidur atas jalan, ini bendera pula.......

Anak Perak oiiiiiii, hangpa tak rasa apa-apa ka.......?

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Sungguhka YB Zul Nordin Kena Serang.......?

Ketika aku melayari blog Papa Gomo, terkejut juga baca artikal dan tonton youtube pasal "EKSKLUSIF - Rakaman Penuh Video Yb Zulkifli Nordin Diserang Samseng Pakatan Haram." tu.


Selepas aku melayari blog KL BOYZ CHANNEL pasal YB Zul Nordin kena serang, barulah aku faham cerita sebenarnya.

Inilah hakikatnya puak-puak hamPAS ni. Penjelasan apapun kita buat kalau sudah terlalu pekat taksub tu, kita letak Anwar Aljuburi beromen live depan matapun tetap kata BUKAN ANWAR TU........ Umno buat plastic surgery........

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Merdeka Centre – Think Tank or Spin Tank.......?

Merdeka Centre is another vehicle that Pakatan Rakyat is riding on to get to Putrajaya. Some call it a think tank but we prefer to call it a spin tank because that is what Merdeka Centre is doing for its PR master and client. Surveys and polls done by the so-called think tank are aimed at twisting people’s mind and opinion about Umno, BN and Najib. Their chief target is Najib because he is the big factor standing in the way of PR winning big in PRU13.

Every now and then, the spin tank releases its polls – Najib popularity down, Najib rating up, Najib down, Najib up. Like playing computer games, you know. They are trying to psycho Malaysians into believing that their survey is real and professional. Then when election is announced, wham! A new “survey” will be released to say that Najib popularity down, going to lose, kaput. All a mind game to control the views and thinking of voters out there, to create an impression that PR is on the way to power.

Merdeka Centre’s chief client is the PR government in Penang and Selangor. The spin tank conducts periodic polls for Lim Guan Eng and Khalid Ibrahim for big bucks. It monitors public opinion about the two state governments and the leaders in the states. Yet have you ever wondered why they don’t release information about the two states and their MB and CM?

How about showing us some opinion poll on PM to be Anwar Ibrahim? Why no poll on Anwar after sex video incident? After every Bersih protest there will be a poll on Najib up, Najib down. We would love to know what Malaysians think of Anwar Ibrahim after Bersih 3. Of Nizar Jamaluddin, after www1 incident. Of what Penangites thinks of Lim Guan Eng after the death of the hills. Of Ambiga, after the street violence. So unprofessional and biased!

Well, let us tell you why. One of the client instructions to the spin tank is to twist and distort the image of Najib and Umno. They have done that very well in the last three years. They also have lots of information about Lim Guan Eng and Khalid Ibrahim. Unfortunately, the polls on these two leaders have been showing negative results – down, down, down. The popularity rating for them was at an all time high after March 2008 but it has been slipping about one fiasco and scandal after another. That is why they cannot release info about their clients. If it is a really professional think tank, it should release information of leaders whether PR or BN. Why target only Najib?

director of the spin tank is
Ibrahim Suffian
The spin director of the spin tank is Ibrahim Suffian who has just returned from America where he was given a grant by the US government (read CIA) to do a course and give talks to American officials. He is the man who Umno blames for wrongly advising Sleepy Abdullah to call for early elections in 2008. Mr. Sleepy had commissioned Merdeka Centre to do a survey and based on the survey results, Mr. Sleepy decided to call for election even though he still had a full year to go. Let’s just say Mr. Sleepy sleepwalked into the trap.
After that, the BN did not want to have anything to do with Merdeka Centre. Since then, Ibrahim Suffian has become more than just a spin doctor for PR. He has become an adviser to the PR and he had a big say on some of the candidates in the string of by elections after 2008. That is how big a political player the spin doctor has become in PR. We hear he is the one advising them not to hold the state elections if Najib called for PRU13.

In America, every political party has their own think tank. Merdeka Centre is PR’s spin tank. Well done Merdeka Centre! You have served your masters very well.

Dipetik dari : Stop The Lies
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Suaram’s Submarine A PKR Torpedo.......?

Zaidel Baharuddin - June 14, 2012

It seems Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim is up to his old tricks again: disguising friends and allies as impartial NGOs and using them to attack the government and to try and discredit our country’s elections.

Over the past two weeks a series of newspaper and blog reports has revealed that the self-styled “fiercely independent” fact-finding mission on elections in Malaysia is nothing more than an ad-hoc collection of Anwar’s foreign friends.

Unsurprisingly, the “mission”, led by the now infamous Australian Senator Nick Xenophon, has criticised Malaysia’s electoral system and recommended a series of changes that would likely favour PKR.

Now it transpires that another purportedly independent group, Suaram, is also stacked full of Anwar’s friends and cronies.

The group has been vocal in attacking Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak over the last few weeks in a politically motivated bid to reignite the Scorpene controversy – but Suaram has gone to great lengths to disguise its membership.

Indeed, there is not a word on its website about who its members are – a strangely publicity-shy decision for a campaigning organisation. A little digging, however, reveals that Suaram is so loaded with PKR affiliates it might as well be considered part of the opposition.

The organisation’s senior activists include PKR MPs Tian Chua and Sivarasa Rasiah, PKR supreme council member Irene Fernandez, PKR state assembly member Elizabeth Wong, and the former PKR deputy president Dr Syed Husin.

Other prominent Suaram activists include a DAP MP and senior officials of Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) – both part of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition and this partisanship goes right to the top.

Suaram director Cynthia Gabriel is also a Pakatan-appointed municipal councillor in the Petaling Jaya City Council. So there can be no doubt Suaram is PKR in all but name. Perhaps this explains why in recent months it has been acting less like an independent NGO and more like a political party in an election season.

Maximum political coverage.

Not content with stirring up stale old allegations in the French courts, Suaram has gone to extraordinary lengths to try and get maximum political mileage.

It is going so far as to hold a RM10,000 a table dinner later this month entitled “Scorpene 2.0” at which, presumably, it will spoon-feed morsels of gossip to the PKR faithful.

But for those who are genuinely interested in the truth, Suaram’s behaviour raises a number of concerns. The French judge investigating Suaram’s allegations over Scorpene has said it will take him at least two years to come to a conclusion.

This begs the question: why doesn’t Suaram simply wait for the judge to deliver his verdict, instead of running around desperately trying to whip up a media storm?

Perhaps it is worried that the judge will conclude its allegations are hearsay and its evidence is flimsy and circumstantial? Or perhaps it has decided that a smear campaign is more valuable to PKR this side of the 13th general election?

Suaram is also, it seems, rather keen to stop the media from independently verifying any of the information it provides.

Whenever journalists have asked for access to original sources Suaram has cited French law, which it says prevents it from taking evidence outside of France.

Suaram has engineered a situation in which the information it is releasing to the world’s media cannot be independently assessed. It is effectively asking the media and the public to take Suaram at its word – but as we have seen, Suaram is hardly independent or motivated solely by wider public interest.

To those familiar with Anwar’s modus operandi, none of this will come as a surprise. But as the rakyat prepare to cast their votes in the most important election in a generation, they deserve to know the truth.

It is time for Suaram to put its cards on the table, to clarify its relationship with PKR and to explain to the people of Malaysia why it is behaving in such obviously partisan ways.

Dipetik dari :  Free Malaysia Today.

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